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A functional 7-segment LED display at “101SVET”

“101SVET” presents a multifunctional digital device of a high quality to display information in the form of Arabic numerals, alphabetical symbols, and punctuation marks. Display consists of 7 segments, which are arranged in a particular pattern to display the numbers from 0 to 9. Small LED diodes are connected together to form a 7-segment LED display. It’s capable of displaying numbers or even various letters from Latin or Cyrillic alphabets by illuminating few segments at the same time. Brightly illuminated digits are a perfect way to attract attention of the target audience or just to make an important date noticeable and understandable. Due to high brightness and red color of the segments, they can be seen from hundred feet away and from all possible angles. The components come in various sizes to help you create your own seven-segment LED display with the necessary number of digits. This is one of the most popular and useful devices due to its versatility and simplicity. A 7-segment LED is reliable and durable, and will work properly for a long time.

Where a 7-segment LED display can be used?

This device is created to be used mainly in display panels, digital equipment, and electrical appliances, such as radios, clocks, microwave ovens, calculators, etc. You may have seen large digital clocks installed in parks, main streets, or squares displaying time or temperature. Such displays can show various kinds of data, which are presented by red illuminated numbers or letters, which have a wide viewing angle. Each segment is powered separately, that’s why it has low power requirements.

Our presentation

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They can even be used outside cafes or shops to present prices, working time, or telephone numbers. 7-segment displays can be installed either indoors or outdoors, and can serve as an illumination at night. The best effect is achieved in the darkness, when numbers or letters glow attracting more attention. All digits are readable and understandable for everyone due to its high contrast and bright image. At first, using this device may seem difficult, but it gets clear quickly. To use it properly you should look through a 7-segment LED display datasheet.

The reasons to buy 7-segment LED displays at “101SVET”

“101SVET” provides the best quality products, which are well-known for their durability and versatility. All of the displays are multifunctional and have a variety of options. They are mostly used for informative purposes, such as advertising or presenting necessary data. Our company specializes in creating devices, which are used in many industries and are getting more popular with every passing day.

This is an affordable and simple way to present information. We guarantee that you won’t regret buying our LED displays. Apart from all, this kind of advertising will make your business more profitable. It’s up to you, how to use 7-segment LED displays: either for electrical appliances or advertising. Our high-quality devices will make everything easier!




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