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Advertising design

LED screens - versatile and unique kind of advertising realestate. For today, only this carrier has the following characteristics:
  • reproduction of information in static and dynamic form;
  • placing it on the big screen high-definition;
  • ability to install on the street and in the room;
  • crisp playback.
Installation and effective usage on the streets made possible to use of LEDs. They are many times superior to LCD-panel and other equipment on the definition, brightness, contrast and viewing angle. In addition, only LED displays can reproduce continuous news pictures without joints and connective "seams".


  • An impressive range of operating temperatures (-40 to +60 degrees);
  • High-resolution color image;
  • Reliability and long service life (over 50 000 hours);
  • A low power consumption;
  • Adjustable size and resolution at the expense of modular design;
  • Wide viewing angle;
  • Easy operation and maintenance;
  • Ability to create complex screens with a single management;
  • Versatility - the field of use are almost unlimited;
  • Manufacturability - one of the most effective and modern ways of advertising information reports.

Our company have a reputation as a reliable supplier and creative advertising agency. Modern technology , we combine the experience and imagination of professionals.

Contact us to get:

  • comprehensive consultation;
  • technological equipment;
  • advertising, created for the success of your business;
  • best price.

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