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Architecture and design

By creating an exclusive beautiful interior design uses LED illumination of buildings. It will help to distinguish among others, any, even the most unremarkable room, clearly expressing his facade. Apply it during the arrangement or design of advertising signboards shopping centers, light shields, stands for presentations, exhibitions, parties and others events.

This variant lighting has tremendous advantages, including:

  1. Low energy consumption that will help avoid unnecessary costs
  2. Huge selection of colors
  3. LED lights allow you to create screens of different sizes and shapes

The latest technologies provide an opportunity to make a design that will be the embodiment of the most extraordinary ideas. Such a move would undoubtedly help to attract the attention of new customers interested. Unusual, colorful façade will adorn any exterior. The great advantage of LED lighting is a long-term work, which is more than 40 thousand hours.

In recent years, following fashion trends, LED lighting at home is often used during home parties, festivals or carnivals. She is able to decorate any room from the outside, giving the housing an atmosphere of celebration, fun, fabulous mood.

  Such a modern decoration for the home designed taking into account all the needs of each customer. Entrusting the work of experienced specialists, who as soon as possible to perform installation of any complexity can be fully confident in the embodiment of your extraordinary ideas.

LED backlight units: versions


With LED backlight you can easily highlight the architectural elements of buildings, hide flaws and highlight trim the overall image of the building. In accordance with the purpose of the selected devices are selected with a different angle of illumination, intensity and color of light.

The company «101SVET» uses in his work materials that provide the variety of colors:

  • backlit mono color
  • a combination of several shades
  • programmable RGB-backlit

The buildings in the classical style often highlighted in white cold or warm shades - it nicely emphasizes the columns and cornices. For commercial buildings, you can choose LED lights in the corporate colors - such a decision would attract the attention of passers-by and create a positive image of the company. For these purposes, you can also use a programmable RGB-backlit with dynamically changing colors.


Other ways to apply

LED illumination of buildings can be permanent or temporary. In the second case, it is useful to attract additional attention to a variety of concerts, exhibitions and other events. The main advantages of LED backlight include:

  • low weight
  • ease of assembly and disassembly
  • ease of operation
  • durability
  • low power consumption
  • the invisibility of the facade in the daytime

«101SVET» : the development of individual projects


To order LED illumination of buildings call us at +86 159 1949 0169. Our experts will study all the architectural features of the building and create a unique lighting plan. We also offer installation services and servicing of lighting.




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