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Athletic facilities


Nowadays, stadiums, sports complexes install LED screens are used in the form of scoreboards, which is a strong motivation to fight for the advertiser, viewer and sponsor in terms of competition in the market of sports entertainment. «101SVET» - the company offers consumers several types of sports LED display.

Universal scoreboards

Why Universal? First, versatility is the possibility of simultaneous transmission of several parallel sporting events. They can be installed at various sports venues (on the streets and indoors). The advantage of these boards is the ability to transfer large amounts of information transmitted visually. These LED screens are freely repeating transmit statistical information, advertising, color logos of sports teams. Among the most versatile display popular model in which the refresh rate is 1000Hz.

Video cubes for hockey

Chance to see a repetition of any moment of the game - one of the main reasons why the fans prefer to watch the progress beloved team on TV. Thanks to video cubes becomes possible shortfall game viewing «liv».

Because of the large number of faces videocube become possible with a view point to observe the information that appears on its surface. The information at this time can be loaded in parallel and have a diverse character. Included with the video cube are load-bearing structures. To reduce the load on the ceiling of the stadium during the installation of video cubes using a lightweight model blocks.

Videoscreens for stadiums

Transfer advertising during sports competitions - the main task videoscreens. The main places to install them are football or basketball courts. Due to the fact that they are located along the borders of the playing field and get into the lens of the camera, the audience, are near the TV, can watch a given ad. There are other advantages videoscreens. They can be collected in huge screens to accompany the events or concerts at the stadium when the installation to use fast-blocks. Videoscreens also equipped with a special coating that can protect athletes from injury and protecting the equipment itself boards. Videoscreens depending on the place of installation are two tipov- or outdoor premises.




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