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A colorful LED display wall operating in all weather

Have you ever seen these bright and really giant screens on the concerts of celebrities? What a fantastic image do they have! Do you want to buy it for your business or for some other purposes? Then you need a LED display wall. An enormous size of it not only attracts people’s attention, but charms them by producing an unforgettable visual impression. It seems that you get absorbed in the situation, which you see on the display, and so it is an effective, useful, and powerful type of advertisement.

Where can you buy a high-grade LED wall display?

The answer is evident! At “101SVET”. We are real professionals in implementation of these devices. What’s more, our own production makes a variety of designs almost infinite because we can find creative solutions for any projects. Each our project is unique, that’s why it’s being created as the only one of its kind.

Our presentation

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The superior quality of our devices is guaranteed. They operate in different weather conditions, such as snow, rain, high or low temperature (from -40 to +60°C), or high moisture, which won’t damage a LED wall display. Besides, you will always be surprised at color depth and graphical perfection of any screen produced by “101SVET”.

Our devices are specified by powerful processing and control system, that’s why they become really reliable and up-to-date, what will be highly appreciated by customers. To add to it, our company produces lightweight and really compact modules. It means that you can buy any configurations and dimensions, which won’t depend on a specific model. On the contrary, a sleek designing and an opportunity of adjustment make any wall LED display changeable.

A full complex of services

“101SVET” specializes not only in production and implementation of wall displays, but also in installing. We have a professional team of experts, who are aware of doing everything quickly and at the same time professionally. So, even an extremely fast installation won’t affect the quality of finished devices and their qualitative and durable operation.

If you are not sure in the model, configuration, or dimensions and you want to know the LED wall display price, we are always ready to consult you and provide you with any information you are interested in. Don’t hesitate to contact us!




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