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The unique capabilities of LED screens

The amazing beauty of the scenery and the huge video media facades, created with the help of LED screens have become an integral part of any large-scale entertainment events. No restrictions on the format of the displayed image, the selection of the necessary brightness, the optimal configuration of the blocks and their location - make it possible to create video design non-standard configuration, attracting the attention of the audience.

Applied and entertainment opportunities LEDs

Merge multiple video sources to create a larger screen is effectively used not only in the advertising business, but also for the decoration of the concert stage, with the aim of creating a dynamic installation on any platform. The effectiveness of the audience is greatly enhanced by using specially designed videoreshetok allowing to modulate the scenery, it does not prevent the passage of sound and video.

The use of LED screens from «101SVET» , supplemented by self-locking systems and increased refresh rate, you can create an attractive audience for video scenery, having a high image quality. To select the LED equipment corresponding to the size of the site, the level of illumination, it is recommended to get professional advice contact the sales department on the telephone or by using the feedback capabilities.




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