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A LED display outdoor is the best way of advertisement!

A LED display outdoor brings a new level of your products’ advertising to the large audience. It delivers high-quality video material, thanks to the great visual LED technology, providing you with the mind-blowing viewer`s experience and audio modules that help to bring your words to the ears of the listeners, wherever they may be. The mixture of both video and audio aspects creates a powerful technology, which will, surely, fit any place you need.

LED display outdoor price

The screen price is increasing every day due to bad economical tendencies occurring throughout the world. However, “101SVET” stands for its customers and the content of their wallets. That is why the fairest prices on the market are shown here. Whatever LED display you take, you can see that the cost is pretty low, but the feedbacks of companies, who bought their own “101SVET” displays are just amazing. So, make up your mind and choose us as the dealer of your success!

Our presentation

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The wonderful features of our products

Although we have discussed our LED display outdoor price before, it is not the only advantage we have. Our customer service can fit all your needs. It doesn`t matter, whether you choose the small display for the little shop of yours or you are eager to say about your company in the biggest malls of your city, we will find the answer to any of your questions. We can provide you with displays of any diameter and depth. In addition, we can fulfil your extraordinary needs in advertisement with the infinite range of nonstandard solutions.

Instead of conclusion

Just remember, 101SVET will satisfy even the most weathered buyer! And there is nothing bad we can say about the technological push of “101SVET” and its LED technology. So, prepare yourself for the endless rows of customers because our LED displays will really attract the crowds!




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