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Make your advertisement effective – buy a LED outdoor display screen!

Being an effective and attractive source of advertising, a LED outdoor display offers a lot of advantages, especially if it is produced by a trustworthy company, such as “101SVET”. An opportunity to produce everything ourselves allows us to sell screens, signs, and other devices of various forms, sizes, and configurations. We guarantee a high quality and durability of all our products.

Why is a LED outdoor display worth installing?

To begin with, it can boast of energy efficiency, which is one of the most important features of advertising because it can display the necessary information or goods in the streets 24 hours a day. So, if there is an opportunity to spend less on it, why don’t use it? What’s more, this difference in energy consumption is extremely remarkable: neon signs require 3 or 4 times more energy than LED outdoor displays.

Secondly, these screens are characterized by versatility and multitasking functionality, which suppose the change of messages or data presented on the display and different spheres of usage: from stadiums to bus stops. Besides, this information is programmable in comparison with common types of advertisement.

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Thirdly, such displays have brighter and more saturated images thanks to a high resolution of devices produced by “101SVET”, while incandescent lights may become dim and fade over time.

One more important reason for installing a LED outdoor display screen is a durability of usage. Solid plastic elements, from which the screens are produced, have a longer lifetime than common sources of light. On average LED signs or displays operate about 100 000 hours, whereas neon lights can’t operate more than 35 000 hours. It’s a great difference, isn’t it?

Why is it profitable to make an order at “101SVET”?

All our clients like our prices policy − it’s affordable for everyone. What’s more, at this cost you will get high-quality LED screens and you can also order an installation of them. We are glad to provide you with a high level of complex service! Become our client!




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