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Curtain/Mesh LED Display

Our LED Curtains are designed to perfection for giving the desired curve to the video panels. Light in weight, exceptionally thin, waterproof and see-through Mesh Curtain LED Displays, offered by us, are being appreciated all round. The configuration of these LED Curtains makes them compatible with a wide variety of hardware and software interfaces. Even the super large video systems can be assembled easily and quickly with these LED Curtains. The images are sharp, consistent, and flawless. Our LED Curtain & Mesh LEDs come with user-friendly interface of the LED Screen System. Most importantly, we are offering these new generation LED Curtains at very reasonable prices.


  Model Rc-M10 Rc-M12 Rc-S8.9 Rc-S12.5
Indoor Indoor Outdoor Outdoor
  Pixel pitch 10.5625 mm 12 mm 8.928 mm 12.5 mm
  LED type SMD3528 SMD3528 SMD3535 SMD3535
  Module resolution (dots) 28*36 16*32 28*28 24*8
  Module size 295.75mm*380.25mm 192mm*384mm 250mm*250mm 300mm*100mm
  Cabinet resolution 56dots*72dots 48dots*64dots 56dots*112dots 48dots*48dots
  Cabinet size 591.5mm*760.5mm 576mm*768mm 500mm*1000mm 600mm*600mm
  Module quantity 2*2pcs 3*2pcs 2*4pcs 2*6pcs
  Cabinet weight 8.4 kg 8.4kg 12,6kg 7.4kg
  Cabinet material Steel Aluminum Aluminum Aluminum
  Pixel density 8963dots/m2 6944dots/m2 6272dots/m2 6400dots/m2
  Brightness 1100cd/m2 1000cd/m2 4500cd/m2 5000cd/m2
  Best view distance 10.5m~31.5m 12m~36m 9m~37.5m 12.5m~37.5m
  Power(Max/Ave.) 380W/150W 260W/105W 600W/200W 1050W/420W
  Scanning method 1/7 scanning 1/8 scanning Static Static
  Refresh frequency 600Hz~2000Hz 600Hz~2000Hz 600Hz~2000Hz 600Hz~2000Hz
  View angle(H/V) 120°/120° 120°/120° 120°/120° 120°/120°
  Lifetime 100 000 hours 100 000 hours 100 000 hours 100 000 hours
  Frame frequency 60Hz/50Hz 60Hz/50Hz 60Hz/50Hz 60Hz/50Hz
  Work temperature -20~+40℃ -20~+40℃ -40~+60℃ -40~+60℃
  Input voltage AC 110~220V AC 110~220V AC 110~220V AC 110~220V
  IP grade (F/B) IP50/IP20 IP50/IP20 IP65/IP43 IP65/IP43

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