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LED media fasade

Media front decisions allow to broadcast the most various content in all colors up to high-quality video.
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Media facades exist in the most various options and display any kind of information on an object of commercial or production activity. Example:

- display a logo of a brand;
- name of the company, establishment or shop;
- information on special conditions of sales and so on.

Media facades can also be used as lighting at night-time and fill the city streets with bright light. When using LED technology electric power consumption significantly decreases so do the bills.
Along with outdoor usage, LED is used for indoor types of media facades. inquiries of the client and maximum binding to the general interior of the room are surely considered while designing the solution.

LED media facades work with various sources of content and therefore information is displayed as:

- video advertising;
- slideshow;
- text information;
- video broadcastings satellite and TV online;
- notifications about exchange rates, emergency situations and other interesting and useful information.

The 101SVET company will make media facades, such as on the building the hydroproject taking into account all inquiries of the customer. Close and productive work of designers, designers and engineering services in this question is extremely necessary as, for example, the advertizing placed thus has to work for success of the company of the Customer. To buy and competently to place on a facade or in the building a LED advertisement is demands many additional coordination with owners of buildings and architecture, also bindings. Specialists of the company of high qualification of the different directions work on its creation.

The fine combination of reasonable price and quality of ready-made products that take into account installation and service helps clients to make the correct decision.


  Model 10 13 16 20 25 31.25
  Leds Configuration 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 1R1G1B
  Pixel Pitch 10.66/10.66 mm 13.33/13.33 mm 16/16 mm 20/20 mm 25/25 mm 31.25/31.25 mm
  Unit Size 1280 х 256mm 960 х 256mm 1200×320mm  1536×256mm;  1024×256mm; 1600×320mm;  1280×320mm; 1500×250mm 1500×250mm
  Transparency 20% 30% 30% 35% 60% 68%
  Brightness ≥7000 nit ≥7500 nit ≥7500 nit ≥7000 nit ≥7500 nit ≥6500 nit
  Weight 21kg/m² 20kg/m² 18kg/m² 17kg/ m² 15kg/m2 12kg/m2
  Max.Power Consumption 450w/ m² 450w/ m² 400w/ m² 400w/ m² 450w/m2 550w/m2
  Stick Permutation Vertical Horizontal/Vertical
  Viewing Angle h120°/V60°
  Ingress Protection IP67
  Color Temperature 3200K—9300K
  Voltage AC220V/50HZ; or AC110V/60HZ
  continuous operating hours ≥72 h
  MTBF ≥10000 h
  Out-of-Control Rate <1/10000
  Operating environment Temperature: -20℃ to +60℃; Humidity: 10%-90%
  Colors 14 Bit Full Color
  Gray Scale 16384 grade 4096 grade 16384 grade 16384 grade 16384 grade 16384 grade
  Frame Rate ≥60 Hz
  Refresh Rate ≥1000 Hz ≥3000 Hz(IC:MY9868) ≥1000 Hz ≥1000 Hz ≥1000 Hz ≥1000 Hz
  LED to LED Calibration Yes

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