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The company « 101 SVET » has an excellent system of organization of project management that allows us to be responsible for the set time and product quality. The company applies the standards of product quality control from receipt of parts for production equipment and delivery of the project to the customer.


The company provides a full range of services:

  • drawing up the terms of reference to the manufacturer and logistics equipment to the customer
  • preparation of project documentation
  • manufacture of load-bearing structures and installation of equipment
  • electrical installation and adjustment of the equipment
  • warranty and post warranty maintenance of equipment (replacement and repair parts)

Durability and smooth operation of LED equipment depends not only on compliance with all the rules of operation. The decisive factor that affects its service life, is a quality installation. In the arsenal of specialists of « 101 SVET » is all that is needed to successfully perform even the most complex tasks:

  • wide experience
  • specialized knowledge
  • professional tools

Because of this, work on the installation is carried out quickly, in compliance with all rules and regulations.
Installation Steps
The work of our installers begins with the formulation of the problem and arriving at the site to determine the conditions for the connection: the availability of power supply systems, especially bearing structures (walls, ceilings, etc.). Also, take pictures, and measure all of the major conditions of the room. After that you will be consistent layout and connection equipment.
Installation of LED screens made at the agreed time with the client. Our specialists perform electrical connection, testing, and debugging. They also consult the company's employees to further customer handling techniques.
Upon successful completion of all the works signed « Act of acceptance ».
Thus, you get the services of installation of LED screens and other equipment, "turnkey". To use it, call our managers by phone +86 159 1949 0169 or make a call back using a special form on the site..






Address: 4th Building, Zhenbao Industrial Park, Beihuan Rd, Shiyan, Shenzhen, China
Phone: +86 138 2872 1745
WeChat ID: 101SVET
E-mail: info@101svet.com




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