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An outdoor SMD LED display and everything you should know about it

LED displays have already become a powerful weapon of mass advertisement in many countries. The owners of malls, offices, and even cinemas change their plasma displays for the new models called LED. Why is it so? An outdoor display should provide viewers with a high-quality video technology to make them see every little piece of the product you are offering and surely great audio bringing your voice right in the ears of the listener, even if he or she stays in a great distance from it. 2 components that have been brought together can make real miracles!

Why 101SVET?

Our feedback says for ourselves. We work hard every day to give you the opportunities for becoming more popular and wealthier. We deliver LED screens of any sizes: from the smallest ones that can be put on the shelf in your tiny and cozy restaurant to the colossal ones, which can be set in the halls of the greatest hotels. It all depends on your personal appetite and the goal you are trying to reach. Some specifics can be changed, upgraded, and downgraded regarding the opinion of the customer. We want to hear anything from you, so contact us!

Our presentation

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An outdoor display and improved LED

An outdoor SMD LED display differs from the ordinary LED. Surface-Mounted-Device LED has a better durability, cost-effectiveness, wider range of colours and operating temperatures, and surely compactness that appear to be even more obvious than in ordinary LED screens. “101SVET” cares about your money, so we have released an updated version of displays, however, its price doesn`t differ from the common LEDs. So think twice, before buying the TV you want because sometimes you can find something that will amaze you and will make you say “wow’. This regards to the “101SVET” company and its wonderful production you should be known with!




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