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A segment LED display and its powerful characteristics!

A segment LED display is a pretty new technology that proved to be really interesting beating any rivals in the television industry from plazma to LCDs. It delivers a beautiful picture of whatever you want to show to your target market. Yes, these LED displays may be used as a perfect way of advertising. Thousands of viewers will see the widest range of your products every hour.

What does “a 14-segment LED display” mean?

The great technology of a 14-segment LED display is an advanced version of the 7-segment one. It provides the watchers with some better quality and much more detailed picture. The main function is that you are able to turn it off and on to create digits and letters. For sure, 14-segment display is also called Union Jack because of its similarity to the UJ itself. 14 segments were created because ISO basic Latin alphabet required more details than 7 segments can provide.

Our presentation

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The features that tell the difference

“101SVET” delivers high-octane viewer`s experience that can`t be found in any other TV companies throughout the world. Powerful realistic sound and video effects bring an unbeatable composition, a mixture of fascinating characteristics, which surely make 101svet a powerful companion, when we talk about advertising any of your products to the audience. Our attentive service center will make your dreams come true. Any model can be customized. LED displays presented by our company are durable to different weather surprises, accidental changing of the temperatures, and different physical damages.

To get to the point

As you have already understood, segment LED displays play a great role in both outdoor and indoor advertisement of any kind. It doesn`t matter, display of what segment number you will choose at our website, just contact us, say what do you exactly want and then wait for us to do all the job!




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