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1. List of works performed preventive services LED screens:

  • Initial diagnosis systems;
  • Partial demolition and visual inspection equipment;
  • Cleaning equipment (if necessary);
  • Check the reliability of detachable connections of power and signal cables;
  • Checking the reliability and quality of the daisy chain soldering electronic parts;
  • Checking the reliability of fastening equipment to the supporting structures;
  • Check the input voltage;
  • Check output voltage;
  • Verifying Software Hardware;
  • Software updates (if necessary).

2. List of components to be repaired or replaced at service of LED screens:

  • optical LEDs and LED modules;
  • Power supplies;
  • reception cards;
  • sending cards

Proper operation and quality service - a guarantee of longevity screens

After work on the harmonization of technical design, installation site analysis, design, LED screen design, assembly and installation period begins its operation. Just a short time you will begin to notice the effects of the established equipment finance (in the form of income from the broadcast advertisements) or an image (in the form of increased confidence of the audience to your company).

Like any other high-tech equipment, LED screens require periodic qualified service. Specialists of "101 light" has the experience, knowledge, components of high reliability and professional tools for this type of work. They perform warranty and service of LED screens with high quality and in a short time.

List of works that are part of the standard procedure of service includes:

  • check of serviceability of LED modules
  • diagnostic test equipment
  • replacement of the power supply
  • changes in the algorithm of the equipment

In addition, we recommend to call our master 1-2 times a year for cleaning LED screens of various types of pollution, which are the result of exposure to rain and dust.

If in the process accidentally damage the operation of the LEDs, our expert will replace them operable in a short time. The modular system allows LED screens prompt repair.

To learn about all the warranty company «101 SVET» or order the departure of the master for diagnostic equipment, please call our managers by phone +86 159 1949 0169, or make a call back using a special form on the site.





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