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Shopping centers

Advertising opportunities LED equipment The intensity of competition has created all preconditions for the search of new means of attracting the attention of the buyer. A perfect complement to any marketing course was the use of features LED-screens from «101SVET» to solve business problems. By placing the LED screen, with a bright, dynamic image, on the facade of the shopping mall, you can be sure that it will attract the attention of a large number of passers-by, prompting many of them to visit the mall as originally designed.

LED-screen mounted inside the building - will allow time to inform visitors about the ongoing promotions, sales, of the promoted product or brand new. With the power of LED - information comes to the potential buyer interested in his influence on his decision to make a purchase or visit the entertainment.

Receive a mall management company to take advantage of broadcast advertising information - an additional factor in attracting tenants to the existing trading platforms, landlords brings additional advertising revenue.

Create your own local broadcast channel in the shopping center, which will attract the attention of consumers image quality in all lighting conditions, not only to raise the prestige of the management company, but will not reduce the rent, in an attempt to keep the tenant, as the free placement of advertising information on such carrier - already in itself is a bonus.

The appeal of creating a large-scale LED screen on the facade of the building or inside due to the simplicity of the control of this equipment, its versatility - can be prepared in advance and show commercials and video from external sources, including direct video broadcast. Turning to our company, the customer has the opportunity to choose LED multifunction equipment that allows to solve the problem faced by the business, based on its features.




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