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Television and the media

In the ongoing struggle to attract the audience's attention and interest of advertisers modern television studios have a hard time. Among other things, a huge role for the formation of an attractive image plays a television studio hardware. Have your television studio quality LED screens will undoubtedly be a competitive advantage, differentiating from other studio, and for potential advertisers and investors - the strongest argument for choosing television platforms.

The company «101SVET» offers solutions for the installation of modern LED screens that will help bring your television studio to a new technological and creative level. Vivid video wall, which gives a clear and dynamic image, will create a unique backdrop for programs broadcast television studio. With the help of TV shows of any genre can vary, add a unique flavor that will not hesitate to draw the attention of the audience, a positive impact on the rating of the program, its investment attractiveness. Due to the small size of the pixel video wall of any size will produce a high-quality image quality. A significant advantage of the LED video wall displays in front of the walls of the plasma module is the ability to obtain solid videopolotna without visible borders and seams.

One of the features LED screens from «101SVET» is the ability to quickly assemble modules and to obtain any video wall configuration. Depending on the creative requirements, form a video wall easily modified. The use of this modern technology opens up your studio new creative possibilities, will help improve the quality of programs, in addition to please your audience and advertisers.




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