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The corporate sector and banks

LED display for banking institutions - is a wonderful and modern way to bring to the customer (including potential) current information on the activities of the bank, currency exchange rates, new proposals on borrowings. Different versions of LED displays for indoor and outdoor applications from "101SVET" specially designed to help financial institutions to date in addressing the specific needs of informing customers.

Advertising media in the form of scrolling text, installed outside the building of the bank, will certainly attract the attention of passers-by - an excellent opportunity to expand the customer base of your bank without additional costs. Just put on a dynamic signboard interesting and relevant information on banking products, new offers and promotions and expect an influx of interested customers. Marquee inside bank branches to attract the attention of visitors waiting their turn. Use it to tell your customers the latest news and topical bank offers.

For timely information to customers about the dynamics of the currency market, using LED display rates. Technical capabilities allow you to apply the text of your message, and a variety of color combinations, so the LED display harmoniously fit into the interior of the premises of the bank and will fit the corporate identity. For ease of use it is possible to manage all advertising media from a single location, it is also possible remote control. This is undoubtedly a useful function will optimize the operation of your financial institution, increase the speed of operations, positive impact on the quality of banking services and customer loyalty.




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