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Trade (indoor-outdoor)

One of the activities of our company, manufacture and supply of equipment for placing advertising and information content. These information carriers established in the business centers and other public places. That's why advertising on such media will allow to speed up the process of promoting products or services provided, not only in major metropolitan areas and regional centers but also in smaller towns. In addition, bright and flashy videos attracted far more attention to the people passing by, rather than stretching and billboards pasted on panels and surfaces.

Advertising media may be LED outdoor (Outdoor) and internal (Indoor).
The main advantages of these modern and high-tech devices are:

  1. Ability to build a variety of sizes
  2. Dynamic content
  3. The brightness and showiness
  4. Rapid deployment and change content
  5. Non-stop operation
  6. Active perception

Indoor and outdoor advertising on video screens is always colorful, bright and, of course, the same dynamic. Moreover, it is perfectly visible at any time and under any weather conditions.

Through the use of computer graphics, special effects, animation and non-standard methods, our experts can create a video that will attract the attention of a huge number of passers-by. And to maximize the effective promotion of goods or services exists indoor advertising designed to attract the attention of people in the shopping and business centers. Advertising LED screens is the most effective way to express yourself.




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