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Transport infrastructure

At present, LED technology is widely used in the road transport industry. This area is interesting for its originality and effectiveness of decisions necessary for the organization of road safety.

LED signs on the highway and can perform the following functions:

  • at the entrance to a high-speed highway traffic to duplicate
  • indicate the speed limit
  • to warn of changes in the existing organization of the movement
  • restrictions on movement, or special journey in a specific time of the day
  • informed of the repair work carried out on the roadway
  • LED traffic signs along with information boards are the basis of variable automatic traffic control.

LED screens is also a solution to inform all those involved in road traffic. Thanks to LED traffic board resolved a number of important challenges related to road safety, automatic traffic management and deliver information to all of its participants. Also, a display can be used to display visual information, which is a recommendation and binding.

Information is displayed when:

  • accidents
  • congestion
  • forced emergency stop of the vehicle
  • restriction of movement in connection with the law enforcement agencies of special events
  • a change in the order of movement of vehicles in connection with the repair work
  • adverse conditions, caused traffic congestion in which the speed of movement was limited.

To install the LED board should be chosen road and highway routes, streets and cities in megacities, recreation areas and parking complicated interchanges and overpasses, entrances to facilities such as airports and train station. LED technology and its application in the road transport sector provides many solutions in this area.

LED screens can be used as a board for the suburban, urban and intercity, which will visually alert the passengers of the future or the previous station, the end and the starting point. This display can be used for the purpose of advertising functions to deliver information to passengers for promotional purposes. LED technology also can be used as a stopping point for the display.




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